I thought I would talk about pregnancy for my next blog post as I am 16 weeks pregnant with my second child.  The difference in the pregnancies caught me off guard, I definitely struggled in that first trimester with overwhelming exhaustion and nausea. Luckily Bowen helped me a lot.  Throughout my last pregnancy I had regular Bowen sessions and they always helped ease any pregnancy symptoms I had as well as helping get my body ready for the birth, and healing postpartum.

This time around I needed it more than ever!  My body alignment always needs some adjustment due to my busy lifestyle with my now toddler and due to this my nausea was ongoing.  After having a treatment correcting my alignment my nausea became much more manageable and helped with the fluctuations associated with hormonal changes.  I will continue to have Bowen throughout my pregnancy this is because Bowen can be helpful

  • relieving lower back pain
  • sciatica
  • swollen legs and ankles
  • cramps
  • gastric discomfort
  • breathing
  • heartburn
  • reflux

and when the pregnancy is in the later stages it can relieve the discomfort of

  • pelvic pressure
  • aching feet, legs and groin
  • haemorrhoids

Some Bowen practitioners have had positive outcomes in changing the babies presentation when not in the optimal position for birth.

Postpartum Healing

Bowen stimulates the body’s own healing abilities and because it is gentle and non-invasive using it after labour, a caesarean or for perineal healing can help the body recover post birth.  It may help the pelvis to reset and the uterus return to its normal position also strengthening and regulating the body.

Bowen is not only helpful in pregnancy and postpartum it can help address many hormonal imbalances

  • causing menstrual pain
  • infrequent ovulation
  • ovarian cysts
  • endometriosis
  • menopause
  • infertility

Many women have conceived after having a course of Bowen when they had struggled previously.  Creating more blood supply to the area and aiding the uterus to rebalance can create a more favourable environment for conception.



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