The Distance Healing session was very beneficial I feel less hormonal and more balanced, I previously had a short fused but now am more in control.  Physically more relaxed in my body and my chest feels more open.  Thank you.

Thank you soooo much for last night.  I felt like I was floating in warm water.  Had some weird visuals ( like clip-art) and have woken up without a sore back for the first time in months!

Very professional and knowledgeable. Felt so relaxed during/after treatment and sorted out the pain in my ankle! Thank you x


Very professional and relaxing therapy sessions. Work on both my neck and head provided great relief in a short timeframe. Would definitely recommend anyone to try bowen therapy.


Amazing! I’ve just had my second treatment and would highly recommend Adrienne, I’ve noticed significant relief already.


Adrienne has worked on my neck, back and shoulders for the last few months. I found her to be very gentle and extremely professional. My neck now moves freely from left to right without pain! Highly recommended


Adrienne is so professional and very skilled indeed at what she does. After only one session I am continuing to feel the benefits and would definitely return for further treatments. I can’t recommend Adrienne highly enough.


I’ve had a couple of Bowen treatments with Adrienne as coming towards the end of my pregnancy and feeling very uncomfortable. I felt so much better particularly after my second session. I will be going back to see her once baby is born.


I was quite skeptical about this but after my second session I could feel a difference instantly. I got so used to being uncomfortable I didn’t realise how bad I was, for the first time in so long I felt relief. This treatment fascinates me & will be recommending to friends & family who are open to trying something new.


Adrienne gave me Bowen treatments during my pregnancy. Not only did the Bowen help me to relax and ease the discomfort of the pregnancy but the sessions really helped me to connect with my unborn baby and adjust my mindset regarding my upcoming birth. I had Bowen a week after my baby arrived which helped my postnatal recovery and Adrienne included some movements that helped with milk production. I highly recommend Adrienne!


Adrienne really takes an interest in you and offers endless advice and knowledge. She definitely has a magic touch and such a calming nature which is instantly relaxing and puts you at ease. I would recommend bowen to anybody who is looking for an alternative form of treatment.


A number of sessions with Adrienne have helped reduce my sinusitis problems and she has always provided a very caring and professional service.  Every time I leave the treatment room I am so much more relaxed than when I go in and this lasts for a good few days afterwards – highly recommended. 


As a complete Bowen novice Adrienne really opened my eyes to the amazing benefits of this therapy. Mind body and soul. I have had one session and it is definitely something I will continue. Her lovely nature and expertise all made the experience for me. I felt the benefits instantly. Looking forward to more, especially to help during my pregnancy!

I couldn’t be more amazed by the results of just a couple of sessions with Adrienne. Adrienne made me feel relaxed the moment I walked into the therapy room which made it easier to talk through some very personal health concerns.  I felt as though she was fully invested in figuring out how Bowen could help with my symptoms and had total confidence in Bowen as an effective treatment.

After just one session, my pre menstrual lower back pain was reduced and I generally felt less lethargic in the week leading up to my period.  A second session has completely eradicated the back pain and my mood has been vastly different (even my husband has noticed how much happier I am around ovulation time).  3 days of period cramps now only last for a morning and 7 days of menstruation has been reduced to 2.  I have to admit I was sceptical of how successful this gentle therapy was going to be with health issues that years of doctors advice, contraceptive pill, exploratory surgery and even child birth could not cure but I could not be happier or more energised and am now looking to Bowen treatment for any future problems.  Thank you Adrienne!